We’ve been told that it’s more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than look for a new one.  Customer loyalty is important and that, in turn, makes customer service important.  Improve customer service and satisfaction and nurture long-term relationships by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Your customers have sought your business for one reason or another.  Maybe it was your high quality product, fair prices, or that your sales team was the first to pick up the phone.  However, chances are good that you have competitors that are in line to fulfill your customers’ needs if, for any reason, your customer has a bad experience with you.  Generate long-term loyalty and strengthen customer relationships by implementing a robust CRM solution, such as Sage CRM.

Your sales and customer service teams can manage all of your customer data within Sage CRM.  Using a single software solution provides your team with the ability to respond faster to customer needs.  Any representative can open Sage CRM to check on a customer’s sales history, the status of a current order, or to place a new order for that customer.  Customers don’t need to wait for a call back from their assigned sales representative or to be frustrated by being put on hold while you dig up their information.  With a few clicks, your team can access customer records and satisfy their needs immediately.

You can also create a self-service portal for your customers to use at their convenience.  Customers can access their own accounts to check on the status of orders or look for other information.  This is particularly convenient for customers that may work outside of normal business hours and it saves them time as well as your customer service team’s time.  In addition, you can monitor customer interactions and issues within Sage CRM.  This information can provide insight into common customer questions, complaints, or accolades which you can leverage to make additional changes or improvements.

In this ‘always open’ economy, customers have come to expect a quick response from their business partner.  Improve your ability to respond quickly and accurately by implementing a powerful CRM solution. Contact Caron Business Solutions for more information about strengthening customer service and loyalty with a better CRM solution.