Customize your Sage 300 business logic without complex code using Sage Extender

Extender presents a cost-effective way to add custom business logic to your Sage 300 accounting.

From simple validations and alerts through to custom screens and tables, or integration with external applications, Extender by Orchid Systems allows you to extend the functionality of Sage 300 in many different ways.

Here are just some of the things Extender lets you do:

  • Improve accuracy and reliability of captured information by using scripts to validate and/or provide default data for required fields.
  • Create additional reallocation and deferral transactions in the General Ledger based on custom business rules.
  • Automatically create A/P Invoices for salesperson commission based on custom business rules.
  • Print and Email order confirmations and invoices automatically based on customer preferences.
  • Create files to update external applications when events occur, e.g. Shipment details for the warehouse.
  • Enhance security with system logging and custom security scripts, e.g. Apply security at a Field level, or deploy data level security by User or Group.
  • Validate changes to field data according to defined limits and users, e.g. who can change a credit limit and to what limit.
  • Create a table to store comment templates for items, to be auto-inserted onto Order Item comment or instruction lines when the Item is added to the order.
  • Auto-assemble Bills of Materials on the fly when orders are created.
  • Synchronize the on-premises Sage 300 Vendors, Customers, GL Codes and Currency Rates to a cloud-based invoicing system.

Watch: Extender Overview

duration: 7 minutes

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Benefits of using Extender

  • Pay less for custom features in your Sage 300.
  • Create new screens without the need for complicated programming.
  • Easily apply company-specific customizations to a Sage 300 View.
  • Save time and money with version independent enhancements.
  • Get SDK (Software Development Kit) customizations, without needing to understand the complex Sage 300 SDK.
  • Get enhanced auditing capability on any table, any field, at any time. Extender logs what was changed, by whom, and when.
  • Get context sensitive drill down into changes recorded in Logs – without leaving the screen or running reports.
  • Python scripts & Custom Tables are preserved as part of the Sage 300 company database, and can be dumped and loaded.
  • Configure security – per user per Sage 300 View.
  • Synchronize between systems more efficiently, in real time. Only update data that has changed.
  • Operates across all Sage 300 modules, as well as third party modules written in the Sage 300 SDK.

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