In an industry built on consumer demand, manufacturing software uses real-time data to drive efficiency & growth.

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Order Management

We can help you streamline your order management processes and gain greater visibility & flexibility, including improved measuring of ATP, with leading manufacturing ERPs – empowering you to make swift data-driven decisions from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Our manufacturing ERPs let you instantly know your inventory on hand, replenish automated orders and improve traceability using lot and serial control across all your locations right down to the warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf, and bin.

Sales Management

Improve sales and relationships by boosting ordering, fulfillment, and delivery processes with an integrated workflow that manages all your critical activities like quote entry, pricing, and stock status inquiries, on one manufacturing software platform.

Warehouse Management

Our solutions will advance your warehousing processes and operations, leading to more efficient supply chain management. Look to us to help you cut warehouse costs and increase customer satisfaction by reducing errors.

Production Management

Track and build on schedule with manufacturing ERP solutions designed with production workflows in mind. Our experts can help you gain deeper insights into work in progress, job costs, production performance, scheduling, and more.

Financial Management

Manufacturing software gives you control over the numbers that matter, like your multi-entity’s bottom line, currencies, lines of business, and regions. Let us help you streamline your processes, reduce costs, and get accurate answers.

Top Questions

What solutions do you offer?

We offer integrated and personalized manufacturing ERP solutions that expedite operations and productivity while enhancing the visibility of your manufacturing enterprises’ true financial health. Our 25+ years of experience with accounting and enterprise management technology have proven the immense benefits Acumatica and Sage X3 can offer our clients. Keep in mind that what works well for one business, may not be right for yours. We are committed to working closely with you to determine what product fits best with your goals.

Do the solutions support multiple languages and currencies?

We are a bilingual company that offers multilingualism solutions in many currencies for locations throughout the USA, Canada, Latin America, and Africa. Feel confident that our manufacturing software solutions support your work and your clients in whatever location and currency you need.

Do the solutions have a multi-entity feature?

As the world evolves, the demand for ERP multi-entity features grows. Both Acumatica and Sage X3 offer multi-company, multi-warehouse, and the support international manufacturing companies need to scale and expand operations as soon as they need it. Our team can help you leverage your manufacturing management software for better & easier financial consolidations, intercompany eliminations, and reconciliations.

What is the biggest struggle for manufacturers with legacy systems?

Outdated systems stifle growth and productivity even for the strongest of manufacturers. Disconnected data across multiple systems provides few tools for effective KPI tracking and streamlined data analysis. Both Acumatica and Sage X3’s powerful platforms transform manufacturing enterprises with real-time insights through role-based dashboards and personalized reports that provide drill-down capabilities for richer analysis. 

What are the 4 main pain points that the solutions target?

Our manufacturing ERPs easily maintain global and local compliance using a single source of truth system that offers rich visibility into key KPIs and metrics. By having actionable insights & metrics, your team can act quickly with data-driven decisions to drive growth and productivity that impact the bottom line. Manufacturing software also improves automation across the entire business, streamlining and accelerating processes through manufacturing & distribution.

How Can Caron Help?

We have implemented ERP solutions for clients in the manufacturing industry for many years and have worked with a variety of manufacturers from machinery, trucks, tools, and PEX for pipes and cable systems, paneling, and fencing. We know the impact & importance of technology and value the trust of our clients. Our accounting and enterprise technology experts are committed to modernizing your supply chain and optimizing your workflows, so you fuel growth. We share your passion for building great companies and our multilingual team leverages world-class manufacturing software from Sage and Acumatica to help clients grow their organizations in Canada, USA, Latin America, and Africa.

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How Our Products Work for the Industry

How Acumatica works for Manufacturers

Acumatica provides an end-to-end cloud manufacturing ERP solution with cohesive functionality that spans every area of your business. Our team has worked with small and medium-sized manufacturers to help build a unified software platform that provides an uninterrupted flow of information, less manual work, and greater access to insights. We’ll help you design a fully integrated technology solution that focuses on your goals.

Power Supply Component Manufacturer Adopts Acumatica, Gains Accounting Functionality in Multiple Currencies

Find out how one manufacturing company outgrew its outdated, disconnected software systems and switched to Acumatica so it could keep up with industry growth and changing demands.

How Sage X3 works for Manufacturers

Better trace materials, increase quality control & compliance and gain a better understanding of your entire operation with Sage X3. Our team knows what is needed to run a successful manufacturing business and combined with Sage X3’s powerful tools, we can get you where you want to go. We believe client success comes from following high professional standards and proven methodologies backed by industry experience.

Starborn Industries Improves Efficiencies with Sage X3, Integrate Processes and Deliver Business Intelligence

Learn how a manufacturer with a complicated supply chain leverages Sage to keep track of both inventory & delivery information, make data visible & actionable, and scale as the organization grows.

Every kind of manufacturing company, relies on measurements to monitor business activities and performance, document successes, and challenges, to help run the business more effectively and efficiently.

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