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Top Mining Companies Use Caron

Let our mining experts support your use of Sage 300

Caron Business Solutions delivers the specialized Sage 300 expertise and dedicated service that the mining industry demands.

Why use Caron to manage your Sage 300 software for your mining operations?

Your current Sage 300 ERP provider may offer basic support, but only Caron Business Solutions delivers the specialized expertise and dedicated service that the mining industry demands. By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from a tailored ERP solution that drives efficiency, enhances decision-making, and supports your long-term growth.

  • Robust financials
  • Full order processing and inventory
  • Complete purchase to pay functionality
  • Multi-currency, multi-language functionality
  • World class solutions

Ready for better Sage 300 management?

If you are a mining company located in North or South America, Caron Business Solutions can manage your Sage 300 software better.

#1: Take the Complexity Out of Managing Your Financials

Sage 300 enables the creation of many financial reports but are they relevant to mining? We
have produced specific, useful financial reports for miners including cost per ton, open
payables, supply chain and purchasing reports. We know what reports are important for mining

#2: Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations

The core functionality of Sage 300 includes inventory reports but, for mining, it is critical to
track supplies inventory from your supplier to in transit to receipt at your location. We’ll show
you how to do this effectively.

#3: Manage Projects and Track Job Costs Efficiently

Keep drilling, construction and other mining projects on schedule and on budget with flexible
estimating, tracking, and project billing in Sage 300.

#4: Make your ERP accessible to your Multi-Lingual Users

With Sage 300, you can deploy the product in many languages. We have helped numerous
clients with the head office in Canada and operations in South American and French West

#5: Easily Manage Payroll

Sage 300 gives you the power to process Canadian and US in house and cost-effectively.
Time allocation and information are entered only once and seamlessly shared
throughout Sage 300, including project costing.

#6: Gain Better Visibility to Make Fast, Effective Decisions

With a 360-degree view of your business, real-time metrics, and Caron’s ability to create
meaningful reports and dashboards, you gain live visibility across all departments.

Sage 300 Caron Success Stories

  • Orezone Gold: Caron helped this client move from development to production
  • Capstone Mining: Multinational corporation consolidates three solutions of Sage 300

Caron Mining Solutions

With our knowledge of mining, we have helped mining companies transition smoothly from exploration to development and production, while improving efficiency and reducing costs since 1999.

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