Technisoft Service Manager: Equipment Maintenance Software

Technisoft Service Manager for Sage 300:  Helps the mining industry manage resources and services  

What is Service Manager?

Technisoft Service Manager, created specifically for mining and fleet management companies who need to understand equipment maintenance costs,  integrates with the powerful accounting suite of software Sage 300.

Service Manager is fully scalable and can grow and evolve with any business.  Multiple, manual systems can be combined within a single solution allowing greater efficiency, accuracy, optimisation and improved reporting capabilities.

All makes and models of mining equipment can be managed within Service Manager including; trucks, tractors, conveyors, drills, cranes, machine tools, earth movers, blasting tools, crushing equipment, analysis equipment, feeding equipment, flow measurement systems, fuel systems, pumps, generators, welding equipment and various other plant and equipment assets.

Service Manager allows mining companies and fleet management companies to track labour costs associated with equipment maintenance, including:

  • Tracking the amount of labour used on a work order (this can be for internal employees or external subcontractors)
  • Labour time tracking which can be booked at different rates based on who did the work and where the work was done
  • Time tracked linked to specific equipment allowing for detailed cost tracking to aid in repair vs buy decisions
  • Tracking labour time against a job allowing you to see who specifically performed the work and when

Service Manager Features

Service manager functions help to increase overall productivity and minimizes unplanned costs.

Maintenance Planning

  • Full preventative or ad-hoc equipment maintenance
  • Predictive equipment maintenance based on various usage patterns.
  • Up to 15 levels of maintenance supported including interdependencies.
  • Multiple Equipment Maintenance Plans supported including multiple condition triggers and multiple tasks per trigger.
  • Equipment Maintenance Plans can be grouped into definable activities.
  • Repeat Plans at certain intervals.
  • Publish advisory bulletins to ensure critical equipment maintenance is not overlooked or missed.


  • Report on Mean Time Between Failure.
  • Standard Equipment reports or create your own.
  • Loading reports including task analysis, and predictive parts requirements to ensure no out of stock issues. Fully integrated to Purchasing and Inventory Control as well as GL, AR, AP.
  • GL segment override at various levels.
  • Track equipment maintenance costs and compare to budget in the GL.
  • Optimize buying and JIT requirements to ensure no lost productivity or downtime.

Equipment Tracking

  • Support for fixed or mobile assets.
  • Meter tracking includes unlimited meter types. E.g. hours, kilometres/miles, rotations.
  • Equipment can have unlimited meters. Meters can inherit from master readings or use standalone readings.
  • Supports Shut downs.
  • Serial, Asset and Lot Tracking standard.
  • Unlimited Custom fields on equipment.
  • Tasks support unlimited Activities including Measurements, Check Procedures, Text, Comments, Questions and multiple-choice options.
  • Warranty management.
  • Equipment Location tracking.
  • Unlimited Notations which can include attachments such as manuals, safety documents, schematics and service records.
  • Perform Equipment Refurbishments as required.
  • Monitor useful life and equipment costs to date.
  • Specify operating environment.
  • Full Fault Analyzer and Knowledge Base including Symptoms, Faults and Solutions.

Resource Management

  • Employment skill sets including certification tracking.

Add-On modules

Technisoft’s Add-on Modules further enhance Service Manager’s functionality.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling is a resource scheduling and planning tool.

It has different views such as Outlook style calendar or Timeline Views.  Multiple filters such as Skill Set and Work Groups can be applied to allow the scheduling team to clearly see resource availability and utilization.

Technisoft Service Manager Infographic

Field Connect

  • Data can be accessed in the field both Online, or Offline via Field Connect using any current model mobile device. (Support for iOS, Android, Windows. Support for both phones and tablets).
  • From the field, technicians/engineers can enter items/parts, labour, record time or add billing (latter if applicable).
  • Reports can be printed in the field or to email. A Customer or Supervisor signature can be obtained in the field if required.
  • Meter readings, equipment history, fault analysis, task and activity completion and a raft of other functions are available using Field Connect software.
  • Other Add-On modules include Service Centers, Customer and Employee Portals, Purchase orders and Serialized Inventory.


Service Manager and Sage 300 have the potential to reduce costs and administration overheads as well increase productivity through improved system controls as well as resource and process management.

The Mining industry is dynamic, and has embraced the digital age in order to better deal with the challenges that mining operations present.

One of the biggest problems faced by the mining industry is dealing with the multiple disparate software solutions running their business. With Sage 300 and Service Manager your accounting system becomes one holistic software solution to better achieve total enterprise resource management.

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