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Track, Manage, and Control Mining Equipment and Assets

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It takes a vast assortment of equipment to run a mining operation. Losses, unscheduled repairs, and missing maintenance parts cause costly delays. In conjunction with Caron Mining Solutions powered by Sage, we offer mine maintenance, asset tracking, and service management applications that successfully track each piece of equipment and the labour and parts associated with running, maintaining, and repairing them.

We’ve partnered with software developers who provide robust solutions for mining companies at all stages of the mining lifecycle. Technisoft is integrated seamlessly with Sage 300cloud, DIMO Maint provides a solution for Sage 300cloud and Sage X3, and AMT Asset Management provides complete asset lifecyle management for larger mining operations running Sage X3.

Gain insight and control into mining equipment and assets

Our capital asset and equipment management systems will help accurately, effectively, and efficiently bring your vital resources — and associated costs — under direct management. By optimizing capital equipment and asset management you can minimize downtime and unexpected costs, improve asset utilization, and boost your asset turnover ratio — all of which directly contribute to your mining operation’s bottom line.

Solution capabilities

Maintenance Planning

  • Full preventative or ad-hoc equipment maintenance
  • Predictive equipment maintenance based on various usage patterns
  • Multiple equipment maintenance plans supported including multiple condition triggers and multiple tasks per trigger
  • Publish advisory bulletins to ensure critical equipment maintenance is not missed

Resource Management

  • Employment skill sets including certification tracking
  • Match employee skills to specific maintenance tasks
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Spare parts management


  • Equipment costs by project and/or location
  • Include labour costs in calculations
  • Report on Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Create service reports, including task analysis, and predictive parts requirements
  • Real-time visibility into asset operation across multiple locations
  • Calculate asset turnover ratio
  • Fully integrated to ERP
  • Multi-currency support
  • Track equipment maintenance costs and compare to budget in the GL

Equipment Tracking

  • Support for fixed or mobile assets
  • Meter tracking
  • Fuel consumption tracking
  • Serial, asset and lot tracking
  • Warranty management
  • Equipment location tracking
  • Lifecycle costing
  • Unlimited attachments such as manuals, safety documents, schematics and service records
  • Monitor useful life and equipment costs to date
  • Specify operating environment
  • Full fault analyzer and knowledge base including symptoms, faults and solutions

Why Caron?

Caron Business Solutions’ consultants are mining industry experts. Our deep industry and business knowledge enables us to understand your organization’s particular challenges and pain points in the context of your future growth goals. We know what it takes to succeed in the mining industry, and we understand how to bring the people, processes, and technology together that lead to success. With team members in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), Peru and Brazil, Caron Business Solutions is committed to serving growing mining operations throughout North America, Central America, and South America.