Educational White Papers

We have gathered a selection of resources to help you understand how we assist companies today with end-to-end solutions. When you consider upgrading from an entry-level financial accounting system to an Enterprise Resource Planning management system, there is a lot you need to take into consideration so you can deliver on expectations. These white papers will help you understand what’s involved and who should be involved in the implementation and roll out of the solution.

ERP in the Age of Mobility

With an ERP system, all of your internal flows are organized while you monitor exchanges with external partners—including customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. ERP affords unparalleled speed and reactivity throughout your organization, giving you a competitive edge. By extending this functionality to mobile users it allows you flexibility that will make your investment worth it.


Is it Time for a New ERP System?

With the innovation in mobility, Cloud applications and social solutions to improve work processes and drive down costs in the back office, you may be at the point where you should reconsider the ERP system you are using today.


sage 300 tips and tricksHow to Choose an Accounting System

Choosing an accounting system is one of the most critical business decisions you face. This guide will walk you through the steps to making the best choice for your organization.


On-demand or On-premise

Understanding the buying choices you have today with financial software solutions is important as it may mean you’ll be able to utilize your valuable cash reserves for much needed capital investment that will help your mining company become more profitable.


The Two Tier ERP Strategy

This white paper details the benefits of a two-tier strategy, the types of organizations most likely to benefit, and what to look for in an ERP solution to implement this strategy.