Transition Smoothly From Exploration To Development & Production

Manage Your Mining Industry Projects From Exploration To Operations With Caron Mining Solutions

Mining companies must control costs as they progress through the mining life cycle. Whether you are in the Assessment & Approval stage or Development & Production it is essential to utilize technology that will help you deliver on your promises to the board and your investors.

Due to the nature of the Mining industry, laying the right foundation for any mine involves an end-to-end solution that is multilingual, multicurrency and supports multi-country compliance needs. The solution needs to provide visibility into the supply chain and allow for vendor management so that goods are delivered to the mine or remote sites on time.

Many mid-marketing mining companies start off with entry-level financial software. However, when they start development they realize that they just do not have the level of insight and control they need to manage the development & production process. The need for more functional mining accounting and business management software becomes paramount.


Tailored functionality for each phase of your mine life cycle.

Our mining solutions are designed to deliver the functionality you need when you need it, ensuring consistency and a smooth transition from exploration to development and production.


Comprehensive, integrated solutions

Accelerate and control your mining processes with our complete and versatile solution built on world-class technology, years of industry knowledge and professional services.


International solutions

Manage your global operations and compliance with our multilingual, multicurrency and multi legislation solutions, accessible from anywhere, anytime. Simplify your international business processes, control your development and/or production costs and improve financial performance.

Explore how our portfolio of solutions for mining can help you make the leap.


Mining activities begin with the exploration and evaluation of an area of interest. First stage and second stage exploration activities require the accurate recording of costs and often many legal entities are created to properly account for exploration activities in various countries.  

Requirements of this phase addressed by Caron Mining Solutions:

  • Core accounting functionality
  • Accounts payable
  • Multi-company, multi-site, multi-ledger, multi-legislation and multi-language
  • Consolidated, multicurrency reporting
  • Intercompany transactions
  • Analytical accounting
  • Tax management
  • Asset accounting
  • Investor relations
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

If a valuable mineral potential is indicated in the exploration phase, mining companies begin planning and designing the mine. This includes estimating the potential value of mineral deposits through a drilling program, opening discussions with government agencies and local communities, and raising money to fund development.

Requirements of this phase addressed by Caron Mining Solutions:

  • Project approved budget set up by Work and Cost Breakdown Structure (WBS and CBS)
  • Configurable workflows for purchasing and project expenditure authorization
  • Asset accounting
  • Remote site processing
  • Human Resource Management

If the Assessment activities support the development of a mine, construction begins. The complexities associated with construction projects require more from the supporting accounting software solution. You need to have your procurement and cost controls systems ready in place by the time you start placing PO’s and contracts related to your construction project.  

Requirements of this phase  addressed by Caron Mining Solutions:

  • Project budget management (approved budget, current budget, and forecast)
  • Construction project cost control (pre-commitments, commitments, actuals, and accruals)
  • Construction project change management log and approval process
  • Full procurement and contract management functionality
  • Embedded workflows and approval process based on your delegation of authority model
  • Document management
  • Advanced Business Intelligence reporting capabilities

When a mine moves to the Operations phase, the number of employees may increase and the accounting software system must deliver additional functionality to support the recurring operational demands of the mine.  

Requirements of this phase addressed by Caron Mining Solutions:

  • Production analysis and production-specific accounting
  • Predictive asset maintenance scheduling 
  • Human Capital Management  (onboarding, training, time and attendance and performance management)
  • Ongoing training and onboarding assistance

When a mine ceases operations, the responsibility of mining companies shifts to shutdown and decommissioning. This phase includes dismantling of facilities and the safe closure of the mine operations.  

Requirements of this phase  addressed by Caron Mining Solutions:

  • Core accounting functionality and project reporting
  • Consolidated, multicurrency reporting
  • Asset accounting
  • Payroll and reporting
  • Investor relations

Six Brilliant Ways Mining Companies Use Technology To Control Costs

Proactive mining companies optimize operations, control costs and plan for the future with modern, functional ERP solutions.

Take a proactive approach to maintenance

Improve capital asset management to minimize downtime and unexpected costs. Continuous monitoring of equipment with ERP ensures optimum lifetime performance.

Automate labour-intensive financial reporting and analysis

Real-time reports and timely data analysis help mining companies stay ahead of cost overruns and identify opportunities to cut costs.

Improve decision support with dependable information

Consolidated data allows mining companies to proactively respond to market volatility and better manage project costs and resource utilization.

Promote effective recruiting and retention practices

Hire and retain the best mining engineers and equipment operators to maximize productivity and accelerate mine profitability.

Use KPIs to monitor progress and control costs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) establish the benchmarks to continuously measure operational activities, so managers can identify problem areas and respond quickly.

Reduce workarounds and improve efficiency

Caron Mining Solutions simplify and automate processes to drive efficient, consistent business processes across the organization.

An end-to-end solution also provides the delivery of meaningful information for decision-makers who are on task for ensuring mine profitability. Mining data usually comes from multiple sources such as financial data, geological data, production data, asset management, human resources (payroll, time & attendance). It is crucial that this data is accurate, compiled and delivered on a regular basis to ensure accurate recommendations and decisions are made.

At Caron Business Solutions we focus on helping mining companies achieve the next level of performance through the deployment of the right-fit financial accounting solutions. With the Caron Mining Solutions, you can track all operations and costs including those for shafts, open pit or tailings; manage surveying and monitoring activities and capture geological site survey information. With the utilization of business intelligence, you can create reports with drill-down detail into production data for key decision makers.

At Caron Business we focus on helping companies achieve the next level of performance through deployment of the right-fit solutions.



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