Up your inventory accuracy game with
Bin Tracking, Bar Coding & Returns in Sage 300

Enjoy improved efficiency, faster turnaround time and speedier dispatch in your warehouse. You win on both productivity and customer service.

Orchid Bin Tracking lets you track items stored in multiple bins (shelves, slots, containers, barrels, pallets or drawers) within a Sage 300 Inventory Control location. Clear bin locations mean inventory records are more accurate, with fewer items lost or misplaced. Whether picking or putting away, users know exactly where to find and store any item without wasting time hunting or checking personal location lists.  Improve efficiency even further still by using hand-held scanning devices and bar coding by AutoSimply.

Bin Tracking users benefit from:

  • Faster turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower handling costs and reduced inventory write-offs
  • Sage 300’s familiar look and feel and seamless integration with Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Orders.

Watch: Bin Tracking Overview

duration: 4 minutes

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Track returns and repairs accurately and improve customer service in the process

Orchid Return Material Authorizations & Repair Tracking (RMA & RT) streamlines product returns and repairs in Sage 300. Flexible workflows allow you to authorize customer returns, initiate replacement orders, issue credit notes, and return faulty goods to the vendor in one simple process.

Once the return has been completed, cross-referenced Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Order accounting entries are generated to ensure that your inventory and financial records are kept up-to-date.

Full visibility of status and location are maintained from end to end, so your customers can be kept fully informed of progress. Analytical reports provide early warning of product quality issues, allowing you to take corrective action.

With RMA & Repair Tracking you get:

  • Faster turnaround resulting in happier customers
  • More efficient processes which lead to reduced costs
  • Reduced stock losses through more accurate inventory control
  • Quick and easy repair tracking and billing
  • Maximum cost recovery by correctly charging for repairs
  • A greater focus on product quality, resulting in reduced stock write-offs.
  • More time and fewer errors.
  • Sage 300’s standard look & feel, security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking, and more.

Watch: Return Materials Authorizations Overview

duration: 5 minutes

Save time & money by streamlining with AutoSimply Barcode

AutoSimply Barcode is fully compatible with Sage 300. With AutoSimply Barcode all inventory movements, shipments, receipts, returns and transfers are recorded using a bar code device and are instantly updated on-line with Sage 300 Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Orders. It is maintained as a single database, so there will never be any inventory balance discrepancy within the system.

How your business will benefit from implementing AutoSimply Barcode:

  • Save Money –– generate savings with every warehouse transaction by eliminating manual recording in the warehouse as well as data entry in the back office.
  • Save Time — bar coding eliminates duplicate entries and increases the speed of recording time for all inventory receipts, shipments or other transactions.
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy — all in/out item movement is now recorded by scanning a physical bar code.
  • Streamline Communication between the back office and the warehouse. Move away from using fax/e-mail/phone notices and acknowledgments and change to on-line updates.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction through streamlined shipping, returns and customer communication.

The move towards a global online economy has brought greater competition, lower margins, and ever higher service expectations. An integrated, automated system to consistently and efficiently manage returns and repairs has never been more important.

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