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What you did not know about Collaboration

Collaboration is a word used daily in business lingo and is often taken for granted in a lot of business settings. The definition of collaboration by Webster is “to work with another person or group to achieve or do something.” It sounds like an expected behavior of...

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Tackling the Fear of Learning Software

Many professionals in the corporate world fear or have anxiety about learning new software. Although they can envision how the new software will enhance their productivity and work life, it’s difficult to overcome that fear and anxiety.  As a software trainer, I see...

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It’s all about Inventory

You’ve spent the better part of a year, and a lot of hard work, getting grapes from the vine to the bottle to produce it. It is a labour of love and the lifeblood of your winery. It is different every year in so many ways and uniquely your own – you can never just...

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What’s Your Point1?

I run marathons. There, I’ve said it, and I feel better to finally admit the addiction.  It’s not easy to tell the world about my problem, but I’ve heard that admitting the problem is the first step. Speaking of steps, marathons have a lot of them. A marathon is 26.2...

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A Learning Organization

At Caron Business Solutions, we do what we do because it is vitally important to the success of our clients. We provide our products and services because they help our clients to succeed in their plans, achieve their goals and realize their dreams. This is Our Why,...

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