With an industry on the move, distribution management software improves visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Inventory Management

Managing your inventory, even in multiple remote locations is key. Your clients rely on you to deliver and you can rely on our experts to help you leverage technology to process orders efficiently and never lose track of costs.

Warehouse Management

Robust distribution management software must include efficient warehouse operations. Our solutions provide picking, packing, and shipping on mobile devices and allow your team to monitor operations with personalized dashboards & alerts.

Sales Management

360-degree visibility into your sales & distribution lets your team set reliable delivery commitments every time. We’ll leverage your technology to optimize the cycle from pricing to quote entry to stock status to shipment

Supply Chain

Transparency matters and distribution management software improves real-time visibility for both suppliers & customers. Our solutions boost customer satisfaction with a transparent global supply chain leading to fewer support calls.

Fully Integrated

Our solutions provide one platform with quick access to track & control everything you need to run critical business activities, like field service, purchasing, project accounting, manufacturing, commerce storefronts, inventory, and more.

Financial Management

Get accurate financials & continuous compliance through workflow automation. We can help you gain greater control of your procurement, warehousing, sales & accounting. Control means reliability. Reliability means customer success!

Top Questions

What solutions do you offer?

With decades of experience in business management software, we have experience in a wide range of solutions. We recommend Acumatica and Sage X3 as the best options for distribution management software (outlined below) and would be happy to review your needs to determine which would be best for your company.

Do the solutions support multiple languages and currencies?

Both Acumatica and Sage X3 can function across different regions and many countries by offering a flexible multi-language and multi-currency platform. Our software ensures compatibility with its users and allows you to easily print critical revenue-generating documents, like quotes & invoices, in the language and currency your customers need.

Do the solutions have a multi-entity feature?

Yes, we recommend Acumatica and Sage X3 to effectively support multi-company, multi-warehouse, and international companies that handle complex consolidations and reconciliations, and intercompany transactions & eliminations. Our solutions are tailor-made because we know a one-size-fits-all is not realistic.   

How do the solutions provide visibility to real-time information?

With one unified database, our team can help you leverage the embedded business intelligence analytics tools to track activity, utilization & performance with custom reports & user-based dashboards. Both Acumatica & Sage X3 improve your sales team’s reliability and increase customer satisfaction because delivery dates are based on up-to-date inventory availability.

What are the 4 main pain points that the solutions target?

Our scalable software solutions provide enriched reporting & colorful dashboard visualizations that you can use to counter poor data visibility. These solutions also allow you to control ballooning IT costs, with our managed services experts helping make sure your tech stack is optimized. By combining our team’s accounting and enterprise management technology expertise, along with Acumatica & Sage X3’s powerful capabilities, companies can uncover ways to streamline & optimize inefficient distribution operations and avoid costly customizations that sometimes come in other ERP software.

How Can Caron Help?

Over the last 25 years, we have worked with a variety of distributors in Canada, the USA, Latin America, and Africa. From the food industry, pump & irrigation products, mining companies, conference suppliers, pet food, and wood distributors, and every product in between, we can provide you with a scalable solution designed to match your unique business. We have witnessed the impact technology and distribution management software has had on the industry, and we understand our role is vitally important to our client’s success both now and in the years to come. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients run their companies effectively wherever they reside.

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How Our Products Work for the Industry

How Acumatica works for Distributors

Acumatica provides unparalleled distribution depth and combines systems, processes, and people into one complete, connected, and mobile cloud ERP solution. From working with small and medium-sized distributors, our team can help you gain greater insights and better manage logistics, operations, and supply chains. We’ll make sure your distribution management software is aligned with your goals.

International Pipe Gains CRM, Boosts Productivity with Acumatica

Find out how International Pipe & Supply LLC went from a cumbersome complex system that lacked vital reporting and effective sales lead tracking to one unified platform that improved operations and increased sales. 

How Sage X3 works for Distributors

Whether you operate domestically or globally, Sage X3 provides complete control over warehousing, sales, and financials while also improving visibility and clarity across your entire distribution enterprise. We have high standards for our team and our solutions, with both backed by industry-proven methodologies, and will help you better manage critical activities so you can focus on driving growth.

Lykki.com Delivers Agile Business with Sage X3


With Lykki’s vision of one order, one delivery, one invoice, Sage X3 is the robust platform on which they run inventory, sales, customer services, and finance. Learn how it allows the company to be scalable, agile, and lean.

Distribution companies have unique technology challenges and different needs from their tech stack where the cloud can be impactful.

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