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Grow Your Business Through Improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sage CRM software helps you improve your customer relationships by organizing and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments.

Sage CRM software

Sage CRM is a powerful, flexible, and intuitive CRM solution. It provides everyone in your business access to the information they need to close sales faster and make every customer interaction count. Sage CRM software was designed with the needs of small and medium-sized companies in mind. It’s affordable, it’s easy to use, and it can grow with your business. Whether you’re just starting out or have grown to several hundred employees, Sage CRM can help.

Sage CRM

What can Sage CRM do for you?

  • Make your sales teams more efficient by directing them toward the most profitable and winnable deals.
  • Mobilize your workforce with access to key customer information from anywhere.
  • Know where your business stands, all the time, with better insight and forecasting for actionable decision making.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns that deliver a greater return on investment.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and delight your customers at every touch point.
  • Provide the kind of customer service that delights customers.
  • Connect the different parts of your business together when you choose to also integrate Sage CRM with Sage 300, ensuring that everyone in every department is working together.

Boost Sales

A CRM solution helps you simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles and make the most of every sales opportunity. With access to all the information every one needs to manage their contacts and sales leads, your team can work on the most profitable and winnable deals and close deals faster.

Market More Effectively

Using Sage CRM software, your marketing team can identify the sources of leads, opportunities and closed sales. They can also find customer information for upcoming campaigns and send targeted email marketing campaigns.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

With Sage’s CRM solution, your customer service teams gain powerful case management tools they can use to provide exceptional customer service. They can automate and manage the progress of customer service cases and resolve customer issues faster.

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At Caron Business we focus on helping companies achieve the next level of performance through deployment of the right-fit solutions from Sage. With a Sage CRM Solution, you can truly grow your business through better customer relationships, and integration with Sage 300 accounting software gives you a complete view of your customers.

At Caron Business we focus on helping companies achieve the next level of performance through deployment of the right-fit solutions from Sage.


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