5 Reasons Why CRM Enables Better Customer Service

Businesses depend on their relationship with their customers. Customers want to work with companies they know, like, and trust. That confidence is built by providing outstanding customer service. In our digital age there are tools that enable businesses to provide enhanced customer service. A CRM (customer relationship management software) is one of them. To help you understand why a CRM is important for your business, here are five reasons that provide some more detail.

Efficient Case Management

Sage CRM allows you to record and track customer service issues, regardless of the sources. It allows you to track issues that come through via the phone, through email, or through your chat system.

Storing Support Information

Within a CRM you can store solutions in your knowledge base for various issues. This allows the service representative to quickly access the information, resulting in customer issues being resolved quicker. It can also allow for proactive solutions or communications with their clients.

Effective Team Management

Communication is stored in one area. This means that when a customer calls in they’re not repeating the information provided to the previous service representative they spoke with. Any new person who handles that customer would see what was already discussed. This allows them to provide a different solution without the common irritant of having to repeat the problem over and over again.

Increasing Productivity

Sage CRM generates a number of metrics. Using these metrics you can better manage your team. As an example, you’ll be able to see whether more people are needed in a particular area. The CRM also allows you to prioritize cases, so that high priority cases are dealt with first, while minor issues are treated second.


If something is important, measure it. If you measure it, you can create a report on it. Key performance indicators can be extracted from Sage CRM and a report built around them. As an example, at the end of the month you may notice there have been an increase in calls to the service department. Using these metrics you can determine whether it’s beneficial to increase your staffing, or perhaps adjust your staffing to have more people on during the busier times of the day or week.


CRMs are designed to help businesses provide better customer service. CRMs benefit your customer service representatives as they provide a place for all information regarding issues and customer contact, making it easier to do their job. When customers are taken care of promptly, and their needs addressed they are more satisfied with the business and more likely to be repeat customers.

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