When implementing new software the goal is to make that process as seamless as possible. Ideally, you do not want to disrupt current workflows and for employees to easily migrate over to this new software. Here are 5 steps to help ensure a seamless implementation.


The first thing is to plan things out properly and set a few milestones. This sets the tone for the implementation process. We want to answer the question, “When will we go live?” By first determining the date the software goes live, we can create a plan that would be used as a guide throughout the process. It also helps us understand if we have enough resources, such as personnel, in order to meet the goals and milestones.


Training is an important part of helping your employees ease their way into the new software. In this step, we provide clients with training on the software as it comes out of the box. The focus of the training is on the setup and configuration of the software. As an example, if we had to post something to a lock period, how do we want the software to react? This training would also provide you will the skills necessary to make decisions during the next step – the design workshop.

Design Workshop

During the design workshop, we want to ensure the software is set up properly and that it works for your customized needs. We use all the knowledge we gathered during the configuration step in order to set the system up so that you’re happy with it and it works for your business.

Prototype Testing and Training

This step is part of the process to ensure that what we set up during the design workshop delivers what it says it’s going to do. In it, we test all aspects of the software. This allows us to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the way it is working. Also, if there is a user that hasn’t been trained before, or wasn’t part of the implementation process, this testing and training would also allow them to be trained up on the software.

Go Live

The last step is to push the software live. The best part is that it becomes a non-issue if we worked diligently during the first four steps. The four steps are there to prepare us for this last step. Typically going live is a smooth process, however, we include it as part of the process as we want to ensure there is integral support for you.

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