John Holland: A Case Study

The Customer

In January 2007, John Holland acquired CE Marshall and Sons and formed Marshall Mining to re-enter the contract mining industry. John Holland is one of Australia’s largest and most diverse specialist contracting businesses featuring a wide range of specialist construction and project management skills. John Holland chose to adapt iSolutions AMT by engaging iSolutions to develop a plant hire module on top of the existing solid asset management platform.

John Holland Case Study

The Challenge

John Holland created a centralized Plant Department within the mining group to manage and maintain mobile equipment. The Plant Department also provides equipment hourly plant rates for tendering of new work.

Correctly estimating the hourly plant rate of an asset over its life-cycle is crucial to ensure the profitability of the projects.

For assets already in operation, ownership and maintenance costs are borne by the Plant Department as they occur. These costs are recovered by an hourly plant rate charged to the projects on a monthly basis. John Holland required a way to charge a fixed hourly plant rate to projects while managing the actual maintenance costs which vary over time.

They also required a system to assist with the day to day maintenance management activities such as strategy optimization, task planning and work orders.

The Solution

iSolutions implemented their AMT product with a new integrated Plant Hire module. While core AMT functionality calculates hourly plant rates required for project tenders, the Plant Hire module charges these rates to projects based on asset utilization.

The concept of a maintenance provision was introduced to estimate the financial allowance required to perform future maintenance work. The maintenance provision is continually updated by AMT based on component change information entered directly on site.

John Holland’s management can now accurately access the future maintenance liability and make informed component replacement decisions. Seamless integration with John Holland’s project costing and accounting system gives accurate real time costs to the component level.

Asset maintenance costs are continually measured against tendered rates and the project end position is forecast to ensure overall project profitability.

Having an accurate position of the contract end point based on the latest maintenance information allows managers to make decisions today to mitigate future losses.

The Technology

  • iSolutions AMT with integrated Plant Hire module
  • Maintenance strategy development
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Work order management
  • Down time capture and analysis
  • Reliability and failure analysis