Video Training Library

Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) Training Videos

Welcome to our Sage 300 (formerly known as Sage Accpac) tutorial video library. Here you’ll find online video training tutorials for Sage 300 that offer tips and tricks for features and functions including  General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Order, Project & Job Costing and Payroll modules.

Sage Intelligence: How to Create a Rolling Income Statement

This how-to webinar is about Creating a Rolling 12 Month Trending Income Statement Using Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting 2016.

Sage Intelligence – How to Create a Non-Financial Report

  • How to build new reports with Sage 300 Intelligence
  • How to define new data containers and expressions
  • How to work with report data output in Excel
  • How to manage and maintain reports


Sage Intelligence – Report Distribution

  • How to set up the various distribution methods
  • How to manage distribution instructions
  • How to use the various distribution methods


Sage 300 Visual Process Flows

  • How to create a new Process Flow
  • How to link to a non-Sage product
  • How to link to a web-site
  • How to link to a report
  • How to link to another Visual Process Flow
  • How to add your logo
  • How to add tool-tips

Sage 300 Bank Reconciliation

  • Perform a bank reconciliation using the Reconcile Statements feature
  • Perform a bank reconciliation using the Import OFX Statements and the Reconcile OFX Statements features of Sage 300

Sage 300 Transaction Flow

  • Why are Journal Entries important?
  • The transaction flow within Sage 300


Sage 300 Accounts Receivable

  • Why are Journal Entries important?
  • The transaction flow within Sage 300

What’s New in Sage 300 2017

  • What’s new in Sage 300 because of Product Update 2, 2017
  • What’s new in Sage 300 because of Product Update 1, 2017
  • What’s new in Sage 300 because of 2016 edition
  • What’s new in Sage 300 because of 2014 edition

What Can PrintBoss Do For You?

  • What is PrintBoss?
  • Comparison of the Standard and Enterprise PrintBoss
  • Benefits of PrintBoss
  • Using PrintBoss for cheques
  • Using PrintBoss for documents

Sage Alerts & Workflow

This video with our trainer William Wingson has guest speaker and expert, Donald Farber from Vineyardsoft Corporation talk about how to make your organization data-driven using Sage Alerts & Workflow. Visit the needs assessment tool to determine how much and where in your organization you may need a data-driven solution like Sage Alerts & Workflow. Ordering, implementation, customization can be provided by Caron Business Solutions.

Reporting Options in Sage 300 General Ledger

  • Discussion of SAP Crystal Reports
  • The built-in Financial Reporter
  • Intelligence reporting
  • Intelligence reporting Cloud

Automating Notifications and Workflow Process in Sage 300

  • How Sage Alerts & Workflow can benefit your organization
  • The components of Sage Alerts & Workflow
  • The various alert methods
  • Pre-defined alerts included out-of-the-box
  • Examples of alerts
  • The online needs assessment tool
  • Pricing information

Prerecorded Webinars

Sage 300 Tips and Tricks Webinar

  • Navigate quickly through Sage 300 with shortcuts
  • No more duplicate data entry with import/export
  • FAQ  – Year End check list and Subledger balancing
  • Automate processes with these cool tools; Alerts and Workflow and Productivity Tools
  • Set up features you may not know existed that make a huge difference to your productivity