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A successful marketing program usually involves a bit more planning and a little less tossing darts at a dart board.  While you may study your demographics and keep an eye on trends, there is an easier and more effective way to improve sales rates from your marketing activities – implement a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

There are a lot of variables to consider when devising a marketing campaign: who you want to reach, how they prefer to be contacted or engaged, regional or seasonal fluctuations, and so much more.  Each interaction with prospects and customers can provide valuable insight that you can use to create effective marketing campaigns.  However, the methods you use to collect and analyze sales and marketing data can mean the difference between creating a good marketing campaign and a great one.  If you are collecting data in spreadsheets or spot-checking data from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, then you may not have enough details to know what you are doing right or what you could be doing better.  

A robust CRM solution, such as Sage® CRM, can provide the insight you need to create effective marketing campaigns that lead to better sales results.  You can use Sage CRM to plan and track the activities in your marketing campaigns, including budget restrictions.  Workflows can automate necessary tasks, such as passing draft documents through managers for review and approval.  Sage e-marketing for Sage CRM offers built-in or customizable email templates that further streamline customer communications.  

Once you release a marketing campaign, you can capture interactions with prospects or customers with Sage CRM.  You can monitor open, click, and bounce rates; collect details from interactions on social media; and include data received from sales teams or call centers.  All of these communications can provide insight about your prospects and customers that you can use to make improvements to future marketing efforts.  The better you get to know your customer, the better you can tailor marketing efforts and communications to attract their attention, engage them, and turn leads into sales.

Get more out of your sales and marketing data by implementing a CRM solution.  Contact Caron Business Solutions for more information about using Sage CRM to increase sales by improving marketing efforts.