Business people working together in officeSales teams often have their unique way of working with customers and managing customer-related data.  However, with everyone doing their own thing, your business will lack consistency and the visibility you need to know what’s going on in your sales department.  Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution can improve sales processes but if your team will use it properly.  Improve user adoption with these three tips:

  1. Make the right choice:  There many CRM solutions in the marketplace today.  The goal is to choose one that works the way your people work, that captures the data you need and provides easy access and analysis of your data.  To encourage your sales team to use a CRM solution, be sure to involve them in the selection process.  Talk to your team about the methods they currently employ and why they employ them.  The new CRM solution may be different from what they are used to; however, it should offer a more efficient way to capture and access customer-centric data.
  2. Make sure CRM makes things easier:  Trading one inefficient process for another inefficient process won’t do anyone any good.  Choose a CRM solution that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, such as Sage® CRM.  This robust solution offers flexibility and mobility, is process-driven, and includes time-saving automation which can improve productivity as well as provide valuable insight into sales and marketing activities.  The more time your sales team can save from manual processes, the more time they have to focus on attracting prospects, making sales, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. Deploy and follow-up:  Sage CRM offers several deployment options – on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid deployment and each can be completed quickly.  We can help you to implement the software and can provide the necessary training to help your team optimize their use of your new CRM solution.  Just as your salespeople follow-up with customers after a sale, management should follow-up to make sure that the CRM solution is being used correctly.  

You have hired talented sales professionals to represent your business and interact with customers.  Provide your team with a tool that can make their jobs more efficient.  Contact Caron Business Solutions for additional guidance with choosing the right CRM solution for your sales team.