Before the deluge…Touching the Cloud

You don’t have to be as old as me to recall the days when cloud expertise was the domain of the meteorologist. How times have changed. These days you almost need to take an umbrella into IT seminars, lest you be hit by a deluge of cloud references faster you can say...

Sage 300 Payroll Earnings and Deductions code

Hi William. I had to modify our company’s bonus code in Sage 300 Canadian Payroll. After I opened the code and clicked on the Employee’s tab I noticed that the T4/T4A Reporting field was set to Not Applicable. This setup does not seem correct to me. I am certain that earnings from a bonus should show up on a T4. I asked around the office why the code was set up as T4/T4A Reporting – Not Applicable, but no one could answer. Can you explain why? Jean

Why would you want to reverse a reversed G/L Batch?

Hi William, I set up batch entries to “Auto Reverse”, posted the batch so that the auto-reversal occurs in the next period, however, I noticed that there is no physical entry that gets created during the “auto reversal” process. I made a mistake, I should not have selected auto reverse. Now I want to reverse the “auto reversal”. How can I do this?