Sage Alerts & Workflow can have a broad appeal across an organization, from the President to the IT Manager. Executives typically wish to see value from an investment, departmental managers want to increase productivity for their staff, individual staff member wants to address specific business pain points, and IT managers want to lessen the burden of tasks for their team.

Classified as “Business Activity Monitoring” (BAM) software, Sage Alerts & Workflow is a technology that monitors your business data looking for specific conditions and then automatically executes the appropriate response actions. Consider it a “corporate smoke detector” for your business.

Most companies rely on reports. Chances are, if you poke your head into a manager’s office these days, you’ll see that manager’s head buried in a report. However, that is not listening to your data’s voice – that is merely searching for it.

Companies can’t afford to have staff spend hours a week searching for the occasional oddity. Depending on what data you are tracking and what you need to know, your data might be telling you something such as:

  • Order XYZ was just entered with a 37% discount on it.
  • You may want to remind company ABC to pay for an invoice that is overdue.
  • You are very low on part #100-ABC, and you should consider re-ordering soon.

To give your data a voice, you need to identify what you might want it to speak with you about. For example, you might want your data to tell you when a shipment arrives either early or if it will be late. The three points above are other examples.

You will need to identify those times when you want your data to speak with you. Call it “business conditions,” call it “trigger points,” or call it something else. The most critical step is to understand when your data needs to talk to you.

Perhaps the most straightforward approach is to start small. Consider your accounting system for example – and identify one element within it –  such as the order entry process. Look at each component of data within that process and ask yourself whether you need to know when information in that field meets specific criteria. In an order’s “due date” field, for example, you might want to know if the due date is blank if it is “today” or if it’s within ‘x’ days.  You may want to know if the due date has passed and yet the order has not been fully shipped.

You can even expand your thinking from there and consider whether it would be worth knowing if more than ‘x’ orders are due to ship today, or if more ‘y’ orders were due to ship today via FEDEX. You will find that once you start to imagine “value scenarios” for just one field, similar scenarios start presenting themselves for other areas more and more efficiently.

Sage Alerts & Workflow comes to play in the scenarios mentioned above as an “invisible assistant” to provide you with valuable, timely information to make decisions or take action. It’s running 24/7 in the background and continuously monitoring your business application for the conditions important to you.

Is Sage Alerts & Workflow the right solution for your organization? You can take a needs assessment to find out, and a report card will be emailed to you with the results.

Furthermore, you can “test-drive” Sage Alerts & Workflow. Available as an easy download, the Sage Alerts & Workflow trial software is, in fact, the live application – with nothing disabled. The trial can be used for 30 days.

And finally, we have a Sage Alerts & Workflow specific site located here:

Please contact me in the office at 778-484-8146 or via email if you would like to explore Sage Alerts & Workflow further and how it can benefit your organization.


Curtis joined Caron in 2016 as Account Manager in our Okanagan office. Curtis focuses on the promoting and selling of Sage 300, CRM, People and ancillary applications to help companies improve efficiencies and ultimately increase their bottom line. Curtis also focuses on the agriculture/viticulture market in the Okanagan and provides custom based business management solutions to the Okanagan winery industry.