Automating your AP process with Sage AP Automation

In 2016, Sage conducted of customer survey to find out what add-on their clients desired most to take their accounting solutions to the next level – and accounts payable (AP) automation came in at the top of the list. As a result, Sage launched Sage AP Automation in July 2017, a product that is powered by Beanworks and is available to many Sage accounting products including Sage 300.


Sage AP Automation Functionality

Accountants designed Sage AP Automation, for accountants, to bring the accounts payable process into an online dashboard where teams can connect and collaborate about how their company spends. By automating how your company processes invoices, Sage AP Automation brings lifts in efficiency in your accounting department and beyond by:

  • Centralizing each transaction from PO to payment in one dashboard
  • Eliminating manual data entry
  • Providing configurable workflows based on what is essential to your team’s unique approval process
  • Empowering your team with approvals anywhere, anytime
  • Volume-based pricing so you pay only for what your team needs


Why Companies Choose Sage AP Automation

When evaluating if automation is the best solution for your payables, here are a few things to consider that make your team a perfect fit:

  • Is your team spread across multiple companies?
  • Do your employees work in different departments and/or offices?
  • Is your invoice approval process paper-based?
  • Do you enter invoices manually into your Sage 300?
  • Do most invoices require approval from more than one person?
  • Does your team currently process manual payments?


View a Product Tour Now

Watch the video to see Sage AP Automation in action. Like what you see? Tell us about your current payables process and one of our AP Automation specialists will be in touch.