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Analyze and compare the reporting tools for Sage 300 cloud – Financial Reporter, Crystal Reports, and Intelligence reporting

by | Oct 2, 2018

Question: Can you analyze and compare the reporting tools in Sage 300 cloud – Financial Reporter, SAP Crystal Reports and Intelligence Reporting?

Answer by William:

Sage 300 cloud now offer many reporting tools that allow access to the data contained in its database.  In this blog I will focus on the three most widely used of these reporting tools:  Financial Reporter, SAP Crystal Reports and Sage Intelligence reports. I will first analyze the pros and cons of each on the reporting tool and then summarize with a comparison of the tools.

Financial Reporter

  • The Financial Reporter (FR) is great for quickly and easily accessing General Ledger data
  • Drill-down available to source documents
  • No additional purchase required
  • Over 20 financial sample reports are available


  • With FR you can only access to General Ledger data
  • Drill down is only available from FR Statement Designer
  • You require a Sage license


  • FR is included with General ledger
  • Training cost is relatively low as very little training required. You can get up and running, creating new financial report if you attend our one-day training session ($425 per attendee).

Crystal Reports

  • Can interrogate any data, will work with any ODBC compliant data.
  • Can run reports inside or outside of Sage 300
  • No Sage license is used


  • Crystal Reports has a stepper learning curve that FR or Sage Intelligence
  • Knowledge of Sage 300 database schema required
  • Additional software, the SAP Crystal Reports, needs to be purchase


  • In order to create new or modify existing Crystal report you must purchase SAP Crystal Reports ($495 per named user license)
  • You will need to learn how to use Crystal Report programs

Sage Intelligence Reports

  • It is easy to use and access report templates.
  • You can access all modules, you are not just restricted to General Ledger.
  • You can consolidate data from multiple Sage companies or connect external data from other sources via ODBC (only if you own a report connector license) e.g. Sage CRM database.
  • Using the Analysis add-on, you can create OLAP cubes that enable multi-dimensional analysis of large volumes of data, and overcome Excel row limitations (additional purchase). The program comes with ready-to-use data cubes that enable multi-dimensional analysis of your data.
  • When creating reports, you are only limited by your imagination and what you can do in Excel.
  • You can use the Security Manager to specify which user can get access to specific reports.
  • Allows you to report on Database Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and SQL Query Statements.
  • Scheduling of reports via email or saving to specified folders.
  • The report designer license makes creating financial statements a breeze.


  • You will need connector license to order to create new containers.
  • License seat is workstation specific.
  • Intermediate to advanced excel skill would be advantageous to creating new reports in Sage 300 – Intelligence Reporting.


  • One Report manager license in included with Sage 300 cloud.
  • Training cost is low as some training required. You can get up and running, creating new financial report if you attend our one-day training session.


Below is a table that compares the Financial Reporter, Crystal Reports and Sage 300 – Intelligence Reporting.

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