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Driving Continuous Improvement in Mining Operations

In 1950, a Formula 1 racing pit stop took an average of 67 seconds to do their job. Today a pit crew can send its car back out on the track in less than 12 seconds (the world record is 1.91 seconds!). New technologies, improved teamwork, and better resource utilization contributed to this arc of continuous improvement over the decades. Are there are lessons mining companies can learn from these highly efficient crews?

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Unearthing the Closure and Reclamation Phase

In an ideal world, mines would only close when their mineral resources are exhausted, but in the real world, there are many reasons when a mine may close prematurely—including economic conditions, geological factors and regulatory changes. Regardless of the cause, mining is inevitably a temporary activity—closure is a natural part of the mining lifecycle.

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Getting Down to Business in the Production and Operations Phase

This is where the action happens—the mine is in full operation and minerals are being recovered—making it a particularly vital and forward-facing phase. How can a Mining ERP solution deliver value during the Production and Operations phase? We’ve uncovered five ways Mining ERP keeps your operation running in high gear.

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Building a Strong Financial Platform for Your Mining Operation

5 Ways ERP Brings Value During the Mining Industry Development and Construction Phase -- More than four out of five mining projects come in late and over budget—and not just a bit over budget—an average of 43% over. That’s a sobering statistic, and one we know you want to defy. As your mining operation moves into the Development and Construction phase, what are the challenges you’re facing and what is the best strategy to overcome them?

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