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How Mining Companies Handle Consignment Inventory

You’re likely familiar with the concept of consignment inventory. Equipment suppliers stock your storeroom with parts that you only pay for once you use them. It makes sense — any amount of downtime is costly, and many parts are expensive and have extended lead times. From an accounting standpoint, though, consignment inventory is a bit tricky. How can mining companies accurately account for consignment inventory?

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Mining a More Sustainable Future

A circular economy might be realised before 2050 if governments and the business sector encourage innovation across the supply chain and guarantee that items like batteries can be readily dismantled and recycled. The goal is to recycle and reuse as much as possible; nevertheless, new-mined resources will be necessary to allow green technology and infrastructure

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Mining is Essential for a Green Future

The transition to greener technologies is strongly dependent on raw elements like cobalt and lithium, which are now mainly acquired via mining The metals and mining industry is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in achieving a sustainable world. Learn more.

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Five reasons to embrace ERP in your mining operation —from the start

“Start small and think big” is advice often given to startup companies. And it makes sense—up to a point. When you select business management software to support your young mining company, starting small can end up inhibiting your ability to grow your mining operation with maximum efficiency (and profitability). So, here we offer five reasons to think smart, not small, implementing a mining ERP solution early in your company’s operation.

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Mining for A Better World

As the global economy has started to recover from the pandemic, metals and mining prices have gone up. The breakthrough of pent-up spending, new government stimulus programs, and an accelerated global energy shift has prompted an increasing demand for most metals. However, there are also risks for miners in 2022.Let's look at the mining sector and considerations for improvement as we lay a foundation for tomorrow.

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