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Why would you want to reverse a reversed G/L Batch?

by | Mar 20, 2018


Hi William, I set up batch entries to “Auto Reverse”, posted the batch so that the auto-reversal occurs in the next period, however, I noticed that there is no physical entry that gets created during the “auto reversal” process.  I made a mistake, I should not have selected auto reverse.  Now I want to reverse the “auto reversal”.  How can I do this?

Answer by William:

Hello Janille.  You should reverse the original batch, let’s call it batch 200, you will end up with a reverse batch 201.  After you post the reversed batch, you should then reverse batch 201 (Yes! This is not a typo – reverse the reversed batch) but uncheck the Auto Reverse button and post the batch which will now be batch 202.  You should either view or print the G/L Fiscal Set Comparison or the G/L Account History to verify your results along the way.


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