A Case Study

The Customer is a Canadian based Conference Supplies company offering Name Badges and Custom Printed Lanyards. In addition to customized trade show items, they also maintain a large inventory of standard conference supplies in a variety of popular colours. Their range of Neck Wallets can be made to order in any size or style to include additional functionality such as zippers, pen holders, and multi-pockets. For rush orders, they can ship within one day anywhere in Canada or the USA.

Newmont Case Study

The Challenge uses Sage 300 ERP for order processing and inventory management. Sales staff were spending valuable selling-time entering complex orders for small-margin items such as lanyards and ribbons.

Entering an order for a conference includes small items put together in many different ways. Ribbons and lanyards may have different background and ink colors and the printing may be in French or English. Conceptually, putting a badge order together involves selecting combinations of colors, inks, titles and languages from a grid. Sage 300 Order Entry is not designed for multi-dimensional grid entry.

The Solution

Caron Business Solutions implemented a solution designed to tightly integrate with Sage 300 ERP Order Entry. A complete program, not a macro or spreadsheet, is called up from a button on the order entry screen. The program’s screen is a two-dimensional grid with English/French controls. Some of MyBadge’s operators preferred entry to be in column-order, rather than across a row. A Vertical/Horizontal setting provided this flexibility.

To accomodate future extensions, standard titles and colors were built as Sage 300 ERP optional fields and could easily be maintained in both French and English.

The solution was designed, developed and implemented within a low, fixed-price budget.

The Technology

  • Sage 300 ERP Order Entry and Inventory Control
  • MyBadges Order Entry Customization