Your Customers Are Ready For Salesforce.
Are You?

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Your Customers Are Ready For Salesforce. Are You?

Take Salesforce for a Test DriveGot A Question?

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4 Reasons Why We Recommend Salesforce


Ease of Use

Salesforce’s intuitive systems are designed to make your life easier. Your Employees are conveniently able to view and interact with their accounts, contacts, opportunities, and tasks. All this can be accomplished within a single intuitive system, streamlining business decisions and allowing deals to close faster. Your Sales Reps will no longer need to have access to several systems to determine to obtain necessary information. No longer will they wonder about their performance or the best way to prioritize their tasks. With Salesforce, all pertinent data can be presented visually with easy to understand charts and dashboards, letting your people focus on what is important, your customers.

Ability To Customize

The versatile functionality of Salesforce is the primary reason our clients adopt this CRM solution. With a little technical expertise, Salesforce “out of the box” can be easily configured to suit the majority of our clients’ needs. If you need to go beyond the basics, Salesforce can be customized to meet the most unique business process. Salesforce is so versatile and easy to configure, that most clients choose to have Salesforce tailored to their business, resulting in a complete bespoke solution.

Ability To Scale With Your Organization

Here at Caron Business Solutions, we want to provide software solutions that work for you today and continue to work for you in the future. With Salesforce, you are choosing a scalable product that can grow and adapt with your business. Rest easy knowing that, wherever your business is heading, your Salesforce CRM solution will adapt to your needs.

Cloud-based Model

Salesforce is based entirely in the cloud, meaning no capital expenses are preventing you from adopting this accommodating CRM tool. Salesforce charges are based on user licenses, so your business can have as many or as few as you need, with no hardware hassle or fuss to increase the number of users as your business changes.

4 Ways That Salesforce Enables Your People To Excel

For Sales Managers

You and your team have up to the minute analytics on your prospects, clients and staff. You can act with confidence knowing you have the best available data.

For Sales Reps

Reports and contact information at your fingertips, when you need it and how you need it, so you can focus on your real priority, your customers.

For Marketers

Make sure your message reaches both your current and future customers by integrating seamlessly into all current social media platforms. Constantly updating, Salesforce is here to keep you on the leading edge.

For Customer Service

Everything you need to know about your existing relationship with your customers, all in one place and accessible across your organization. Your team shares this vital information and allows you to strengthen customer loyalty through fast and efficient service.

Salesforce Integrations By Caron Business Solutions

sage salesforce integrations

At Caron Business Solutions, we passionately believe that you only gain a true 360 degree view of your customers and vendors when you utilize all the data you have available. Often combining data from Salesforce with the information contained in your accounting software can provide valuable business information. As experts in accounting systems for over 20 years, Caron Business Solutions has assisted many clients to integrate CRM and accounting systems to maximize business intelligence.

Caron specializes in integrating Salesforce with the solid accounting fundamentals of Sage 300, Sage Intacct and Sage X3. With integration consultants who are CPA’s, we not only understand the technical requirements in bi-directional data communication, but also the financial accounting implications associated with connecting these systems.


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