Gain the critical insight you need to efficiently manage your business.

Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) supports the growth and management of modern businesses.

Sage 300 Accounting Software helps companies manage their entire business across geographies without the cost or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The preferred solution for tens of thousands of companies across the globe, Sage 300 connects the most important aspects of your growing business, including:


  • Sage 300 AccpacFinancials.
  • Operations and inventory.
  • Project and vendor management
  • Human resource management and payroll.
  • Sales, marketing, and customer service.

Pilot your business across functions, offices, and geographies

Optimize operations, control costs and plan for the future with modern, functional accounting software solutions.

Take the complexity out of managing your financials

With Sage 300, you will have an accurate, real-time understanding of your financial position, whether it’s cashflow, receivables, or payables across multiple locations, companies, currencies, and international borders. Configurable, simple to use, and accessible anytime, anywhere, Sage 300 helps you stay on top of your business and address financial issues before they become real problems.

Ship orders on time, manage inventory across multiple locations

With Sage 300, you’ll delight customers, vendors, and your own employees by integrating disparate processes across multiple warehouses, inventory, production, and service departments. Faster, more accurate fulfillment results in satisfied customers, quicker payments, and much greater profitability.

Effectively manage projects and track job costs

Keep projects on schedule and on budget with flexible estimating, tracking, and project billing in Sage 300. With Sage 300 project job costing, you’re better equipped to:

  • Control project costs.
  • Manage contractors and subcontractors.
  • Track costs and revenue down to the finest details on every project.
  • Track and monitor original projections and actuals.

Win new business, retain and grow existing customer business

With Sage 300 (formerly Accpac) and Sage CRM, you can have end-to-end visibility of your sales and marketing activities and a single view of the customer across your organization. Open up new opportunities for growth with greater insight into business performance, better efficiency and productivity, and more effective communications.

Easily manage human resources and payroll

Sage 300 gives you the power to process your payroll processing in house and cost-effectively. Time allocation and payroll information are entered only once and seamlessly shared throughout Sage 300, including project costing. You can use a variety of calculation methods for employee benefits, earnings, and deductions, while easily keeping up to date with the latest changes in tax rates and filing requirements.

Gain better visibility to make fast, effective decisions

With a 360-degree view of your business, real-time metrics, and the ability to create personalized dashboards and meaningful reports, you gain live visibility across all departments and companies with Sage 300 business intelligence tools.

Learn More About Sage 300 In This Video:

Sage 300 provides a solid platform that connects the functional areas of your business – accounting, distribution, project and job costing. Our preferred accounting software solution, Sage 300 provides the freedom to choose between on-premises, hosted or remote deployment options, and brings back-office operations into alignment with front-office financial reporting.

At Caron Business we focus on helping companies achieve the next level of performance through deployment of the right-fit solutions from Sage. Our services include needs assessment, solution design, user training, go-live assistance and support. We have offices in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and in Kelowna, BC.

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