Wireless Wines: Tapping into the value of mobile POS access for sales reps

It should come as no surprise that vineyards and wineries have embraced the digital revolution. While it’s nice to think of the history that steeps the industry, today’s winery operations are using technology (including drones and robots!) to do everything from collecting and assessing geographic data, to helping boost yields, perfect the sorting process, and make better wines. And just like professionals in other industries, winery operation personnel want and expect to take today’s technology with them.

In our continuing series covering The Six Must-Haves in a Winery’s ERP System, we look at the value, convenience, and surprising simplicity involved in mobile/remote Point of Sales (POS) customer service capabilities for your sales reps and agents.


Do mobile point of sales really work?

While mobile capabilities aren’t new, in the early years the interfaces were clunky, slow, and awkward, were limited to a few devices, and the capabilities were so minimal as to be only minimally adequate. The underlying technology has gotten consistently and considerably better, and today, mobile applications are robust and feature rich, in most cases matching the functionality offered by desktop interfaces, and operate on nearly any smartphone or tablet.

Today’s mobile sales apps function as sales enablement tools, relationship building resources, and drivers of efficiency.


Sales enablement toolSmiling young salesman showing wine information to customers on tablet computer in shop

As your sales reps and agents plan and make sales and prospecting calls or visits, they’ll be more effective if they have direct access to customer and product data on their smartphones or tablets. And that effectiveness gets a boost if the data is always up-to-date and synchronized with your winery ERP application.

Reps can access essential customer information, schedule and manage activities, view history, and record emails, calls, and notes using a mobile sales application. They can work effectively on the go, quickly searching and updating contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases.  Personalized dashboards display real-time metrics and provide instant access to the functions each sale rep or agent uses most.

  • Schedule new visits
  • Review notes, emails, and calls
  • View customer sales history
  • Create new opportunities for follow up
  • Review customer support cases


Conduct business on the go

Armed with a mobile sales app on their device, your reps and agents can query pricing, check available quantities, or pull up photos and promotional materials during sales visits. When the reps can review notes about a customers’ business operations, likes, and dislikes, or upcoming promotions, they will be more effective consultants and salespeople.

The ability to query the customer’s history of previous orders, including pricing and quantities, can help the rep make order recommendations and promote up-selling and cross-selling too.


Build stronger relationships

Mobile sales apps can bring capabilities that extend beyond sales history queries, turning them into true relationship building tools. Thanks to their strong roots in the CRM application, mobile sales apps offer broad functionality and benefits.

  • Gain a 360-degree view of your customer, anytime and anywhere
  • Boost service levels by empowering resolution on mobile devices
  • Quickly access and upload important customer data from outside the office
  • Check on the status of open orders
  • Schedule new visits and update calendar activities


Efficiency uncorked

If you’re like most winery businesses, you operate with a lean staff that wears many hats. By helping them be as productive as possible, they can get more done, more quickly, and more accurately.

Remote and mobile customer service capabilities are simply efficient. It provides timely insight into open orders, keeps available quantities accurate and up-to-date, and eliminates duplicate data entry tasks.  Another benefit of mobile apps is that users don’t need direct access to your ERP system, as the operations go through the secure CRM portal.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Process orders more quickly
  • Ensure up-to-date inventory availability values
  • Doesn’t require an ERP user license


Perfect pairing

Pairing mobile order capabilities with your winery’s ERP application makes sense. When sales reps and agents can be productive from the field, accessing the vital customer and product data they need to do their jobs, they’re able to do their jobs better — generating more sales and earning more loyal customers.

Integrated CRM software delivers value to your winery that extends beyond sales enablement. It can serve as a highly effective wine club and tasting room management tool as well. We’ll talk about that more in upcoming posts.


Caron Winery Solutions powered by Sage is a comprehensive, robust and easy-to-use winery ERP solution, built on Sage 300 and CRM, that addresses the challenges wineries face — including mobile access. Learn more about Caron Winery Solution here, or by contacting us here.


Curtis Kieres is the Account Manager in our Okanagan office. Curtis identifies ways that Caron can provide our projects and services to help our clients succeed in their plans, achieve their goals and realize their dreams. He has extensive knowledge of Sage 300, Salesforce, Sage People and ancillary applications. Curtis leads Caron’s efforts to customize solutions for the Okanagan winery industry.