Direct-to-Consumer Sales Solutions for Wineries

Harvest the value of your winery’s retail operations with integrated point-of-sale

By Curtis Kieres

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales now account for roughly 60% of winery revenue. Tasting rooms, the most significant DTC revenue generator, drive 85% of wine club growth and are the foundation of a winery’s DTC business. Tasting rooms, farmer’s markets, wine shows, and your website are not simply other ways to sell bottles of wine to a customer but means to create loyal clients to the nurture the lifelong revenue streams that come with them. Since DTC sales carry so much importance for a winery, it’s worth investing in the right infrastructure — specifically, the right point-of-sale (POS) solution — to keep the sales pouring in.


Grape-to-Glass Integrated Operations

A retail POS solution provides the tools and structure to keep tasting room, internet, and mobile sales operations fast, efficient, and friendly. A retail POS solution that tightly integrates with your winery’s back office financial/accounting solution streamlines the daily operations of your retail activities, freeing more time and resources for you to focus on making and delivering fabulous wine.

With a robust back-office ERP powerhouse and an integrated POS system minding the store — you have the grape-to-glass functionality it takes to grow and manage a profitable and efficient winery business. A Winery ERP solution integrates retail sales capabilities, customer relationship management (CRM), wine club management, eCommerce, inventory, accounts receivable, payroll, general ledger, and financial reporting — all designed to improve efficiency, deliver better business data, drive productivity, and grow your winery business profits.


Crushing It — Benefits of Integrated Point-of-Sale

When your point-of-sale software shares the same database as the rest of your business operation, efficiencies improve, the quality of your business data soars, and accuracy gets a big boost. We like to group the benefits of integration into two broad categories: Efficiency and Collaboration, and Visibility and Control.


Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Enhance the customer experience by placing customer data, including wine club membership and loyalty program information in the hands of the tasting room and mobile staff.
  • Promote customer interactions by leveraging mobile touch-screen sales terminals freeing staff to work the floor of your tasting room, engaging customers and expediting purchases.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by tracking all customer contacts and purchasing preferences, and launching targeted promotions, offers, and personalized campaigns — such as bulk email invitations to exclusive wine club member parties — that engage customers and keep them coming back.
  • Grow your online presence by designing and manage online stores and seamlessly integrating them with your back-office inventory management, order processing, shipment tracking, and payment systems.


Visibility and Control

  • Gain visibility through proactive control of your business with automatic alerts and workflows to help you quickly respond to key business events and customer needs. This allows the system to automatically push vital information rather than spending time pulling it.
  • Simplify inventory management while maintaining accurate control through a single stock pool across all of your buying channels.
  • Anticipate demand with the ability to analyze complete past transaction data to predict what customers will buy, check inventory availability in real time, and balance stock levels to match demand.
  • Focus on making great wine while sales transactions flow directly into the order entry, inventory, and general ledger modules eliminating the need for imports and exports or manual data entry.


While your tasting room may not be the major source of your sales, it represents a growing direct-to-consumer sales channel that is gaining traction. Tasting room sales, farmers markets, and web sales — in addition to your B2B sales — make your winery an omnichannel sales organization. And the more channels you can capitalize on, the more opportunities you have to grow your winery business.

Caron Winery Solutions powered by Sage is a comprehensive business management solution for wineries that leverage Sage 300cloud as the core software technology and incorporates robust POS functionality. Caron Winery Solutions simplifies every aspect of running a winery — from grape to glass. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help.


Curtis Kieres is the Account Manager in our Okanagan office. Curtis identifies ways that Caron can provide our projects and services to help our clients succeed in their plans, achieve their goals and realize their dreams. He has extensive knowledge of Sage 300, Salesforce, Sage People and ancillary applications. Curtis leads Caron’s efforts to customize solutions for the Okanagan winery industry.