Payroll Year-End for Sage 300

Payroll year-end! Is it that time already?

As the last few weeks of 2016 creep up, many of you will think of or start your payroll year-end processes. Are you feeling stressed?  Not to worry.  The purpose of this blog is to assist you so that your payroll year-end processing would proceed seamlessly and stress-free.  Without further ado, here are some steps to consider while you are processing year-end payroll in Sage 300 Payroll.

Payroll Year-End & New Year Checklist

We recommend that you create and use Payroll Year-End & New Year Checklist.  Remember the words to that immortal song “Making a List and checking it Twice …” Don’t be naughty – use a checklist!

Why should you work with a checklist?  The payroll-year-end process only occurs once a year and the probability of omitting part of the process or making an error is higher than if this was a monthly or daily process. Following a list will help to avoid or limit errors. Also, if you create a checklist this year, the list will serve as a foundation for review and improvement for the next year.

I can provide you with a basic yet comprehensive checklist to give you a solid start.  However, for any checklist to be useful it should be customized to reflect the way your business operates. You may want to include additional tips unique to your own circumstances.