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Sage 300 Payroll Earnings and Deductions code

by | Mar 22, 2018


Hi William.  I had to modify our company’s bonus code in Sage 300 Canadian Payroll.  After I opened the code and clicking on the Employee’s tab I noticed that the T4/T4A Reporting field was set to “Not Applicable”.  This setup does not seem correct to me.  I am certain that earnings from a bonus should show up on a T4.  I asked around the office why the code was set up as T4/T4A Reporting – Not Applicable, but no one could answer.  Can you explain why? Jean

Answer by William:

Hi Jean, I know it looks strange to see the setting of Not Applicable for T4/T4 Reporting, in fact when I am doing training on setting up Earning and Deductions codes, students often comment on this situation.

The answer is quite simple.  The option “Not Applicable” does not really apply to the field name but to the fact that none of the other options on the drop down list are applicable to the T4/T4A Reporting field.  Therefore, if you setup the bonus code as “Non-Applicable” the amount in the code will still get reported on the T4 or T4A.

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