Ingunn Westerby, cand.polit

Ingunn Westerby, cand.polit

Project Manager

Ingunn started in her role as Project Manager at Caron in 2015 after completing a project for one of our clients. She has spent her entire professional career working with financial systems and projects, initially as a super-user and eventually moving into the project management sphere. Ingunn has worked with a wide range of organizations from large multinational companies to smaller organizations.

At Caron, Ingunn is heavily involved with project management from the moment an opportunity has been handed over to the services team and she remains engaged with the project until its transition to post go-live support. In many ways, her role resembles that of a quarterback, calling the plays and ensuring they are carried out as planned.

In her free time, Ingunn spends the winter months driving her car to Whistler tracking down the good snow, pitches, bumps and lunch spots.