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Sage 300 Payroll Earnings and Deductions code

Hi William. I had to modify our company’s bonus code in Sage 300 Canadian Payroll. After I opened the code and clicked on the Employee’s tab I noticed that the T4/T4A Reporting field was set to Not Applicable. This setup does not seem correct to me. I am certain that earnings from a bonus should show up on a T4. I asked around the office why the code was set up as T4/T4A Reporting – Not Applicable, but no one could answer. Can you explain why? Jean

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Why would you want to reverse a reversed G/L Batch?

Hi William, I set up batch entries to "Auto Reverse", posted the batch so that the auto-reversal occurs in the next period, however, I noticed that there is no physical entry that gets created during the "auto reversal" process. I made a mistake, I should not have selected auto reverse. Now I want to reverse the "auto reversal". How can I do this?

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